Product of the Month

Reusable Snack Bag (Snaxz)

Looking for THE reusable, sustainable product to WOW your clients?  Scouting for the perfect self-promotional product that is walking billboard for every day life?  Then this product is for you!
The fully customizable Reusable Snack Bag, or Snaxz, available in Polycotton or RPET Nylon, is designed to replace the everyday Ziplock bag.  What makes it special?  Its beautifully edge-to-edge custom sublimated exterior promotes your brand in every situation long past your promotional event: Homes, school, office, gym, sporting events, and so much more!  The food grade EVA lining provides two important things:  It allows for both wet (strawberries, peppers, etc.) and dry foods (cookies, crackers) to be carried without damaging the four color process printing and your artwork.  AND when the bag is ready to be cleaned, the lining can be turned inside out, placed on the top shelf of the dishwasher and come out looking as beautiful as the day of your promotional event!
A good bag is always versatile:  Snaxz are terrific for KITTING!  Think of the endless options:  travel, feminine hygiene, CBD, essential oils, makeup, first aid, PPE, giveaways, animal shelters, golfing events and so much more.  The 8×8 (or a custom size) is a terrific bag for large meetings:  A notebook, pens, a snack, earbuds, PPE.  And it’s terrific for SELF promotion.  What could be better than a promotional item that lives in the every day and encourages clients to return time and again to your services?  Please ask our staff about self-promotional discounts and a FREE sample.