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Words that welcome you to a website, but also words that welcomed me into the world of bags in September of 2021.  My longtime friend and owner of the company, Dominic Demers, asked me early in 2021, if I would be interested in doing some contract work for myGreenbag!™. Dominic’s goal to promote his business at United States Table Top shows needed a U.S. representative, and he felt I would be a good fit.  With a background in finance and theatre, I occasionally worked in sales over the years- mostly on the retail side.  I’ll admit I wasn’t sure I would be a good fit for Dominic’s goal of further expanding his business into the American Sales Market: I knew next-to-nothing about bags or the Promotion Business! However, anyone who knows Dominic easily catches his enthusiasm about his business and his absolute love of bags. After a campaign as to why I would be a perfect fit into the business, appealing to my love of challenges, and sending me his remarkable products, he finally prevailed, and I joined the team.  After the world’s most intense Bag 101 Crash Course via Facetime, I took my meager knowledge to my first Table Top show in Nashville, TN, in August of 2021….

….and LOVED IT! Meeting new people, traveling and demonstrating sustainable bags is an absolute joy!  In the months that followed, both Dominic and Karine have tutored and guided me through the promotional and bag world. It’s been a complete pleasure to watch both of them in their wheelhouse, and I continue to learn so much from them every day.


As we enter 2022, I’m delighted to become a full member of the myGreenbag!™ team as the official USA Sales Rep. Building relationships, creation, innovation, solutions, sustainable products, and the challenge of bringing this remarkable product fully into mainstream promotion life in the U.S. drives me to succeed at the job Dominic’s entrusted to me. I can’t wait to bring more of these gorgeous, sustainable bags to life.

That being said, let me give you a small taste of some of what I learned in the last few months with Bag Lexicon 101!


Common terms used in the promotional bag industry!


The tape that covers the raw edge of the bag. Binding reinforces the seams of the bag for durability.


Construction is the method used to sew the bag. Most bags have one gusset that wraps around each side and bottom of the bag using a single panel of fabric. Some have two gussets: A single piece of fabric creates the front, back and bottom of the bag and two panels of gusset are sewn on each side to complete the bag.


Padded ultrasonic stitching that creates a quilted effect.

Double Stitch

A sewing method designed for bags that carry heavy weights: Two pieces of fabric are sewn once, then re-sewn once again in short distances along the seam. This allows the bag to be stronger at the seams.

Foldover Bindings

A method to reinforcing the bindings of the bag. The bindings material has an extra length (usual one inch), then folded down at the top of the seam and double sewn. This method manufactures stronger bindings than regular straight-cut bindings.


The side or bottom panel of a bag. Gussets are generally designed with the desired weight to be carried in mind.


A second layer of fabric that completely covers the interior of the bag, with the seams layered between the exterior fabric and the lining. The finished side of the lining faces the interior of the bag creating an illustrious look.

Tubed handles

Designed for a more comfortable grip, tubed handles are padded with a smooth plastic tube and covered with webbing.


Heat stitching (no thread is used) that melts 2 layers of fabric together to form a seam. This type of seam is usually as strong, if not stronger, than regular thread stitching.


The process of adding a piece of stiff fabric between two layers of fabric to reinforce the sewing point. Mostly used to reinforce handles and shoulder straps on heavy duty bags.

X stitching

A cross pattern forming a “X” shape to reinforce a sewing point.

Zigzag Stitch

This common machine sewn stitch has a variety of uses. Built-in on most sewing machines, it’s formed when the needle swings from side to side as the stitches are formed and can usually be varied by adjusting the stitch width and/or length.

As this blog grows, you’ll hear from each of us, and we look forward to sharing our experiences at myGreenbag!™ and within the promotion industry.  Thanks for reading! 

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